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Imagine Spending 4 Days At A 5 Star Retreat With Your Very Own Chef, Personal Trainer and Restorative Yoga Time. YOUR ULTIMATE FAT LOSS VACATION WITH BODY TRANSFORMATION EXPERTS, RNG FITNESS

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Every Group Has A Story...

We believe every person has a story as well...

We believe that every person has a unique story, goals, and desires. Every day in our retreat, we meet people who feel uncomfortable with their bodies, emotionaly stressed, mentally drained, etc. No one needs to go through life being self-conscious about their everyday lives. Together we can create a plan that works for you and enables you to have the smile and overall health you've always wanted, and tell the story that really describes you.

About our FitRetreat

Meet Andre

Andre has helped thousands of clients achieve the goals they've always wanted. In addition to his studio gym/fit retreats, Andre also does speed and conditioning camps for high school kids all around the bay area.

Friendly Atmosphere

You will be more than pleased with the level of service our team provides. From your very first visit, you will notice the difference.

Our Location

Our gym is located in Alameda, CA, but the retreats very from different states in the US. Currently it's in Lake Tahoe.


Get our 7 Day liver and gut cleanse guide, with meal options($40 value) for FREE.

What Is The Cost?

You might have been reading what is included and think to yourself, somewhere between $3,500 to $4,000, for 4 Days. I mean heck, all this sounds like it's worth about that. But don't worry we won’t be charging anything close to that for your 4 Day Fitness Retreat. Your own live in Personal Trainer would normally cost - Upwards from $1,000 for the week Your own private chef would normally cost - Upwards of $800 for the week Daily massages - Upwards of $400 for the week Daily Yoga - Upwards of $150 for the week Private room - Upwards of $1300 for the partial week. We will whisk you away with just 14 spots left on this exclusive EARLY BIRD SPECIAL PRICE OF $1,500, which is less than the cost you would normally pay for the accommodation.


You get 2 WEEKS of online personal training. Where we go through your nutrition, and coach you through the training programs to get your dream body!

Service Amenities Include

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